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Widely identify the security risks of network assets exposed to the network, and protect the security of network assets in an all-round, diverse and three-dimensional manner.
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Routine detection of security issues such as vulnerability risks exposed by websites in the process of digital transformation of enterprises and units that are easy to be exploited.
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2021-11-30 To 2024-11-30(service surplus 134 days)



Valid period:2021-11-30 To 2024-11-30

Please confirm the following three points

1、The browser does not pop up any warning message.

2、Verification information shows that the certificate status is valid

3、The starting address of this page is:https://www.xcc.cn

After you carefully confirm the above content, the following functions allow you to submit personal sensitive data with peace of mind, such as credit card details and personal information.

All data is safe When accessing a website from an address starting with https, all information transmissions to the website are encrypted, thus preventing data from being intercepted by third parties during transmission.
Domain Ownership Confirmation The domain owner authorizes the domain to use an SSL certificate based on encryption.
Owner Identity Authentication The letter has verified the identity of the owner of the domain name.

Xin Chacha has verified the above information, but not the content of the website.

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